Men's Fashion Trends Coming Into Winter 2019/2020

Men's Fashion Trends Coming Into Winter 2019/2020

With Summer seeming like a distant memory, we are looking towards the trends that will remain, and those that are a new feature coming into Winter 2019/2020. During the warmer months of 2019, some hot trends included:

  • Statement Stripes.
  • Pattern Shirts.
  • Tartan Shorts and Trousers
  • Tucked in Tee.


    This winter will see a few of these trends remain and some new ones:

    • Wool Trench Coats.
    • Tartan Trousers.
    • Turtle necks.
    • Statement Stripes.
    • Tucked in Tee.
    • Gold Chains.
    • Plain White Trainers

    The result in combining some and all of these looks into one outfit is a street, smart casual mashup, commonly associated with the streets of London. One which is actually not just limited to men's fashion, but very much a unisex look which can be donned by men, women and any other non-binary classification.

    It simply oozes character, rebellion against norms, combining classy with attitude.


    Woolen Trench Coats

    The most common one you will see is beige, with grey and black also being staples this season. Those of us who are hardcore fashionistas will have seen these appear two years ago in the likes of Zara, but are set to be mass-market hits with H&M, Topman and River Island getting in on the act this year. The difference this time around is that they now have the versatility of not just being worn with a suit, but also with more casual bottoms, and a pair of trainers.


    Tartan Trousers

    A week would not be complete for me without putting on a pair of these bad boys, and for good reason. Go for a more formal, professional look by pairing it with a SIgnature Performance Dress Shirt, or by dressing down with a tucked in Tee, or turtle neck. Shoes vs. trainers will ultimately decide whether these are worn to impress, or to make some statements. Both are acceptable in my books.


    Turtle Necks

    Once again like the woolen trench coat, we are talking about black, grey and beige. A light-weight knit jumper, which can make for a classy look under the trench coat, and worn on top of anything other than a tracksuit bottom. Prepare to look like Joey or Ross from Friends this year.

    Black Turtle Neck

      Statement Stripes

      Going to take a slight break from describing the outfit, to at least give a mention to something which has carried over from Spring / Summer, though I deem it an unfortunate carry over. The issue I have is that what was originally intended to make a bold statement (as the name suggests), has been overused and has become a tired look very quickly indeed. Personally I am going to leave this look in Summer 2019 where it belongs.


      Tucked in Tee

      Again another look carried over from the Summer, but this is one which I am all about! A plain white T with a navy pair of tartan trousers and a brown belt is right up my alley, especially if I am hitting up a nightclub. Or a black one, with grey tartan, and again a brown belt. This look is this year's way of feeling great about your body if you are anyway into your fitness, as it is very complementary to a built, or even lean look by lengthening your legs and shortening the torso. Use perspective to your advantage this winter.

      Navy Tucked in Tee

      Gold Chains

      When it comes to topping off the tucked in tee, the gold chain is the cherry on top. Now for someone who is as expressive as myself when it comes to wearing tartan, even I felt a little self-conscious at first about wearing a gold chain over my tee. But then I remembered that I am on a rock hurtling around the sun in an infinite Universe and immediately stopped caring about what Barry, wearing his brown loafers in Rearden's is going to think of me.


      Plain White Trainers

      These absolutely complete the ensemble of the trench coat, turtle neck, tartan White Trainers Tartan Trousercombination, but can also be worn with all of the above. White trainers will be the key feature this winter and make for a more comfortable day or night. Just don't expect me to keep them clean.